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Your next solution to business travel?

Whether you’re a small business or a larger corporation, business or corporate travel can be challenging to manage. You will have to keep track of booking and scheduling flights with business itineraries, but you’ll also have to find accommodation, potential car rentals, and a whole bunch more. Many managers struggle to keep business travel under control, potentially losing time and money.

But what if there was a way to outsource travel management while reducing the hassle and total costs of business travel?

We’ve reviewed other business travel management platforms, like TripActions and TravelPerk, which claimed to help solve your headaches of business or corporate travel.

But what about a business travel solution that’ll help you cut costs? This post will review Hotel Engine, one of the leading hotel booking management platforms created for businesses. 

But first, what is Hotel Engine?

Hotel engine logo
Image Source: Hotel Engine

What is Hotel Engine?

Hotel Engine is a Denver-based hotel booking management platform designed for business and work travel. With Hotel Engine, companies can book and manage business lodging while reducing costs. 

The Hotel Engine website and app are free to use, with no subscriptions or cash-locked features. Members can create and alter reservations through the website and app, making hotel accommodation planning relatively easy. 

The Hotel Engine platform is currently trusted by more than 40K businesses and more than 550K members.

What are the benefits of Hotel Engine members?

Hotel Engine members can save up to 60% on hotel rates, and they can also gain access to tools and 24/7 services on their platform. As of today, Hotel Engine has more than 700,000 properties around the globe, and they’ve also raised as much as USD 81 million in funding. 

Hotel Engine has been named “Best Place to Work in Colorado” for three years in a row. They’re also included in the top 10 Denver Tech Employers for the year 2022 by the Denver Business Journal. 

Who Should Use Hotel Engine? 

Hotel Engine is created for business travelers and company travel managers who organize travel on behalf of their team. Hotel Engine is designed to provide valuable solutions to make business travel more accessible. Whether you’re working with a strict budget and looking for deals or planning for accommodations across several cities, Hotel Engine is the best platform. 

With Hotel Engine, it’s conveniently easy to manage hotel reservations in one location. Instead of doing it on hotel websites which would take a lot of time, Hotel Engine gives you a platform to do everything in one place!

Plus, your company can save money on bookings, get extra access to better hotel features, and have 24/7 customer support in case you need it. 

Here are the perks available to business travelers on Hotel Engine’s membership: 

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Admin dashboard with insights on spending, trends, etc. 
  • Direct billing access
  • Double rewards program
  • Incidentals coverage program
  • Unlimited users for company accounts
Hotel engine platform for business travel solution.
Image Source: Hotel Engine

How does Hotel Engine provide more affordable hotel rates?

Hotel Engine works with several companies in their network to give better rates and better travel programs for their clients. Their partnership with other companies helps them provide a better travel experience while providing their partners’ access to high-value business travelers. 

Best Features of Hotel Engine

Easy to Use Platform 

Hotel Engine has a streamlined and intuitive platform that stands out from other competitor sites. You can make all your payments here without jumping from one website to another. What’s more, Hotel Engine provides invoices and monthly statements for every trip! 

Connects you with the best hotels

All your favorite business hotels are in Hotel Engine. You can quickly narrow down your choices by selecting your preference for hotels. You can filter and sort hotels based on amenities, price, location, or saving percentage. 

Good Customer Support 

Hotel Engine’s service support is communicative and helpful to clients. They help you save more money than most other booking sites. Canceling a reservation is also very easy. 

Big savings

Hotel Engine’s travel experts help clients find the best deals and the most affordable hotel booking rates. You can save as much as 60% with Hotel Engine!  

Access to data 

Your Hotel Engine dashboard saves all your business data. Here you’ll find all the company hotels you’ve stayed in and how much you’ve spent or saved on each hotel stay. It also helps you spot inefficiencies by giving you an overview of your company’s travel activity. 

Hotels selection

Hotel Engine has hotels in the US, Canada, and other 185+ countries around the world. No matter where you want to stay, chances are there’s a Hotel Engine partner that will fit your needs and budget. 

24/7 support 

Members can find available customer support at any time with Hotel Engine. Whether you need to update your itinerary, alter your booking, or reschedule, Hotel Engine is always online to help you. 

Hassle-free group bookings 

Managing your team’s accommodation and booking can be a bit of a challenge. So why not let experts do it for you? With Hotel Engine, you can book your team effortlessly with some guidance from their expert staff. 

Hotels on Hotel engine.
Photo by QUI NGUYEN on Unsplash

Drawbacks to Hotel Engine

There are plenty of benefits for using Hotel Engine, but what are the drawbacks or limitations?

One of the major limitations of Hotel Engine is that not all hotels are available on their website. There are many hotels in smaller towns that aren’t on Hotel Engine. So if you’re traveling somewhere a bit remote, you can’t rely on the platform 100% of the time.

Another one of the limitations comes from Hotel Engine reviews online. Some users have reflected that some Hotel Engine rates are not the best you can find online.

Lastly, Hotel Engine is currently only available on their website and not on mobile. This is a limitation for those that would like to find accommodations or booking services on the go and keep track of these travel deals.

Is Hotel Engine Worth It?

If you’re a travel manager or a business traveler with regular trips throughout the year, you should give Hotel Engine a try! While it can save your company travel costs, it will also save you a lot of time when planning a detailed travel trip.

However, the limitation of hotels in certain locations might be a significant drawback. Make sure to check out other travel management solutions that we’ve previously reviewed to know all of your choices before you go with any! 

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Our Rating: 4.1/5


  • Simple, intuitive platform
  • Lots of hotel options
  • Reliable customer support
  • Fast and stress-free bookings


  • Limited hotels availability in some locations
  • No mobile app

Plan travels with Pilot.

Corporate travel doesn’t have to be stressful with Hotel Engine. But if you wish to save all your trip data in one place, why not try Pilot? While Pilot isn’t positioned as a business travel solution, we’re definitely more than capable of keeping your business travel plans organized and easily accessible!

Pilot is your brand-new travel planner that helps you discover and build travel itineraries connecting you to resources everywhere. Make the planning experience more fun by collaborating with your travel buddies! Pilot makes it fun and easy to share and relive your favorite travel memories with many useful features! 

Did we mention that it’s completely free? Try it out now! 

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