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The perfect budget lodging solution!

Hostels are the most fun places to stay when you travel, which holds true to Spain. Not only are they cheap, but you’ll stay with like-minded travelers, and hostels have fun events to help you explore the city you’re staying in. 

But how do you know which hostels in Spain to stay in? With an overwhelming amount of reviews online, it’s hard to know which hostels are actually excellent and worthy. 

That’s why we’ve combined all of the unique worthy hostels in Spain you should consider staying at, just for you! Keep reading to find all of the hostels that you should consider booking while you’re traveling through Spain.

But first, where should you even go to in Spain?

Where to go in Spain

Before choosing a hostel in Spain, you need to decide where to go. If you haven’t been to Spain before, there are five amazing cities in Spain you should not miss. 

And, there are fantastic cities in Spain that people often overlook. You should consider visiting the five coolest cities in Spain too.

There are ten amazing cities to visit in Spain between these two articles. Now that you know the best places to go in Spain, we can look at the top hostels in Spain. 

Top Hostels in Spain

Hostels are a great place to stay in Spain, and they are a great way to meet other travelers! Many of them have reasonable proximity to the top sites. They offer fun activities like bar crawls and walking tours. 

The ten hostels on this list are the best in Spain! They are budget-friendly, and they have great activities and locations to make your trip to Spain the best yet!

1. Mola Hostel Madrid

Mola Hostel is very affordable and has a lot of room options for you to choose from depending on your travel style. You can walk five minutes to the popular Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor, or you can catch the metro one block away to get you anywhere in the city.

For more great hostels in Madrid, check out our insider’s guide to finding Madrid’s best hostels. The article has more hostel recommendations, the best places to stay in the city, and information about the cost and safety of hostels in Madrid. 

Mola Hostel Madrid
Image Courtesy of HostelWorld

2. Vagamundo Hostel – La Palma 

Vagamundo Hostel is the best hostel in Spain for an island getaway. You are close to everything you’ll need during your stay on the island, and you’re also close to the bus station that will get you anywhere else on the island. 

It is so cheap to stay here, and you get linens, free wifi, and access to a full kitchen during your stay. You can choose from a dorm room or a private room, and no matter what, you get a locker to safely store your belongings. 

3. San Isidoro Sevilla Hostel

The San Isidoro Hostel is cheap in Seville in a fantastic location. There is a rooftop patio for you to enjoy, and the hostel is right by the Cathedral, which you can see from the roof. You are also close to other attractions, including the Plaza de Espana and the Real Alcazar.

You can relax, work, and make new friends in the common areas, and everywhere in the hostel has wifi access. 

San Isidoro Sevilla Hostel Spain
Image Courtesy of HostelWorld

4. Koba Hostel – San Sabastian

The Koba Hostel is the best location for exploring San Sabastian, no matter what you plan on doing in the city. From the hostel in the Gros district, you can easily walk to the beach that is perfect for surfing. And, you are close to the other popular attractions in the city. 

There are also a lot of shared spaces in the hostel that help you meet other travelers. In your room, you have a private locker, linens, a reading light, and an outlet by your bunk. 

5. Feel Hostels Soho Malaga

A great hostel to stay at in Malaga is the Feel Hostel. The prices are very low for a bed in a small shared dorm. You are close to the port, which is an excellent place to stay if you walk into the city center every day. Or, you can grab a bus or a taxi from the hostel, and the train station is a few minutes away. 

Feel Hostels Soho Malaga Spain
Image Courtesy of HostelWorld

6. TOC Hostel Málaga

TTOC Hostel is fairly cheap, although slightly more expensive than the one above. But, with the location being in the heart of Malaga, they offer the best location to stay if you want to fully experience everything the city has to offer. 

Whether private or shared, each room has its own bathroom, and the private rooms have a tv in them. And the hostel offers a bar, breakfast in the cafeteria, and a lounge for relaxing and socializing. 

7. Unite Hostel Barcelona

If you want to be close to the best beaches and beachside nightclubs in Barcelona, Unite Hostel is the best place to stay! When you aren’t relaxing on the beach, you can take the nearby metro to quickly get to all the coolest places in the city. 

The price for the shared dorms, either mixed or female, is low compared to other hostels in Barcelona. Each room has its own bathroom, and your bed has linens, a locker, and a USB plug to charge your devices. 

Unite Hostel Barcelona Spain
Image Courtesy of HostelWorld

8. Itaca Hostel – Barcelona

Next is the Itaca Hostel, one of the city’s highest-rated hostels. It costs a little more than the other two Barcelona hostels on the list, but the amenities and location are well worth it.

You are staying in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona’s most fun neighborhood with the most things to do. The hostel has daily walking tours to get you acquainted with the city. Inside the hostel is a quiet, clean, relaxing space for you to enjoy after a long day of enjoying Barcelona.

9. Safestay Barcelona Gothic

Safestay Barcelona Gothic is another great hostel in Barcelona. You can walk to many of the top attractions, including the Picasso Museum, the beach, the aquarium, Las Ramblas, and the nightlife. 

In the hostel, you’ll have plenty of privacy and comfort. The low price you pay includes sheets, wifi, a personal plug, a reading light, and a locker. You can get breakfast for a small fee, and the rooftop terrace is a fun place to hang out. 

10. Quartier Bilbao Hostel

The Quartier Bilbao Hostel is the best in Bilbao. It has a great location in the heart of the city, and you can find a shared room for under $25 per night. 

They also offer fun activities for guests, including bar crawls, live music, and yoga. If you want to chill at the hostel, there is a communal lounge and a rooftop terrace for you to enjoy.

Quartier Bilbao Hostel Spain
Image Courtesy of HostelWorld

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